Enchantrix products are formulated according to the strict standards set down by Ecocert France. Our individual products however, are not certified, and the reason for this is that there is NO certifying body in South Africa, that is internationally recognized, that has the jurisdiction with which to do so.

Whilst we could enlist Ecocert France to undertake certification of our products, this would involve a number of visits to South Africa by their certifiers, making it an extremely expensive process for us, which at this stage is beyond our means.

However, we hope that in time when more local producers require certification, that this demand will result in shared / reduced costs making certification more attainable.

At this stage we use certified organic ingredients wherever possible, and we have all the necessary documentation to support our claims. Organic ingredients listed on our labels and on our website are marked with an asterisk (*) and the certification of these ingredients is through internationally recognized certification organizations.

As we pride ourselves in good ethics and absolute transparency and honesty in all our business dealings, we assure you of superior and completely safe organic products that biodegrade rapidly and completely.

We will never cut corners or in any way compromise our integrity for the sake of the bottom line. We are in this business to help heal our burdened planet and it’s people by making available a comprehensive range of organic and environmentally safe products for all uses – personal care, household and pets.

To this end we have become a household name in South Africa, and we will continue to strive for excellence by keeping up to date with overseas organic trends, that will result in continual changes and improvements of our products.