Living lightly on Earth

For many years now it has been patently obvious that a state of emergency exists on the Earth and man’s lack of wisdom and respect for the unity of all things, is the cause. The Western culture seems to have lost the connection with the sacredness of life and as a result we view ourselves separate from each other, Earth, and all that live on her. Nature has become the enemy, as we have plundered and pillaged our way to a society run by fear, greed, separateness and competition.

Our schooling systems and what and how we teach our children need to be examined. Competition and fear have replaced cooperation and love. Children are expected to all behave and be the same and are taught that they have to “fit in” and if they don’t, they are punished or put on drugs to make sure they do. Winning is much more important then helping. The new children coming on Earth now are even more challenging to the antiquated systems and making it patently obvious that it is time to change.

Children need to be taught that they are magnificent multi-dimensional beings, part of God, not separate from him. As Christ himself said, “You can do what I do, AND MORE!” Religions that further indoctrinate their minds with limiting beliefs, a fearful, revenge seeking God and separatism are an anachronism that are in dire need of change. The “HeartLight” stand at the recent Art of Living festival was wonderful to see.

The schooling system they are developing focuses on…”Learning and Living…. consciously, compassionately, creatively, collaboratively and competently” ( another wonderful website to visit is The more people focus without fear and with faith on the wonder of the children the quicker group consciousness will change the thinking of the masses.

Farmers have lost touch with the sacredness and spirit of the Earth and the animals. They have become dependent on poisons to produce the crops. The treatment of animals, for the sake of money and in order to please the pallet is something I will never ever understand. If you think about it, cruelty to animals is another form of war on a microcosmic level. There can be no getting away from it, more often than not, farming animals on a large scale leads to misery and lack of reverence. The young are taken away from their mothers, without even a thought for the terrible feeling of loss and mourning felt from both sides. The animals are filled with toxic synthetic hormones so they get fat quickly, produce amounts of milk so they can hardly walk for the pain, and then they are pumped full of antibiotics so they wont get sick.

There are very few people on Earth who actually need to eat animals to survive, and those who do, usually do so with reverence and gratitude. According to the author, John Robbins in “Diet for a New America”, it takes one acre to feed a vegetarian and 20 to a meat eater. If we were supposed to eat meat we would have short smooth colons and sweat through out tongues like all the other carnivores. McDonalds have been one of the major contributors to the cutting down of the South American rain forests. They use the space for the cattle, and all for the sake of the 99c burger!

“Healers and Healing ” in all its forms, has become big business and in the microcosmic sense will help with the healing of the macrocosm. But as American genius, Thomas Berry says, “Human health is a subsystem of the Earth’s health. You cannot have well humans on a sick planet.” It is evident that one of the main causes of our sick planet is the unmonitored use of toxic chemicals. With total disregard for all life, this has exploded into every area of life since the beginning of the last century, gaining momentum in the 1950’s and is speeding up, with thousands more being added to the list every year. It is not new news that the petrochemical and pharmaceutical empires run the world.

The stories are horrendous. For instance, Green Peace released the horrifying evidence that every 90 days we are causing as much environmental damage to our coastline by using household detergents that are not bio-friendly, as a major oil spill would do from a tanker. Women in America, that work in the house have a 54% higher chance of getting cancer from the toxic cleaning products they use every day. Between 5 and 10 million cases of chemical poisoning are reported every year in America, most of them are fatal and most of them are children, and most of them are from the household products that are used on a daily basis.

It is hardly a wonder that cancer and other chronic diseases are epidemic; we are slowly poisoning our Earth, and ourselves. The saddest of all being our children, who bear the brunt of it, as birth defects and childhood diseases, mainly cancer and diabetes, rise out of all proportion. Their little organs are not developed enough to eliminate the toxins efficiently, sugar being one of the worst, and they fall prey to disease and suffering.

Up to now, Government and Industry have done very little to effectively test, or regulate the use of chemicals. In fact just recently the European Union announced that they were going to propose the tightening up the chemical rules. The unsuspecting consumer is constantly loured into buying the next and best thing – whether it is cosmetics, perfumes, household-cleaning products, pool chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, vaccines, or any of the other hundreds of chemical laden products out there. As the disease of greed and materialism spreads in our minds, so do the physical diseases, as our bodies struggle to eliminate the toxicity from the cocktail of chemicals consumed every day.

The more I delved into the chemical story, the more driven I became to find alternatives. I imported an organic range of body products, which I used for a year or so before acquiring the agency from the UK. I imported the range and distributed it via the Health Shops and some pharmacies. I also started to use a local range of chemical free cleaning products and no longer used artificial fertilizers or pesticides. I started to grow my own organic veggies. It gave me an immense feeling of peace and satisfaction knowing that I was no longer contributing to the demise of our precious Earth and that my family were “relatively” safe from the chemical onslaught. After using the cleaning products for a couple years and being so happy with them, I realized that the range didn’t cover the whole story and also that the public at large didn’t have access to it. I then decided that if I could, I would like to extend the range and make it available to as many people as possible.

About 2 years ago I discussed the idea with Wendy, the microbiologist, who started making the products in the beginning. She agreed, and so we started to work on the range. In the meantime I moved down from Jhb. to CT and so did she. My husband Andrew was recruited to finance the business, and run the financial side of things and so the vision started to become a reality!

It was never just a business; it is much much more than that. From the beginning it was much more an urgent call to heal the Earth and alert and educate the people, as well as start a successful business that would be an example to others. While the financial success of the business is obviously important we are putting into practice our beliefs of the interconnectedness of all things. We are doing away with the old traditional paradigm of fear-based, competition-driven management and business practices, and are moving into a space of trust and faith, where honesty, integrity and cooperation are unquestioned. We don’t intend to hoard the profits, but rather to use the money for projects that heal the Earth and help the children. We intend setting an example of the universal flow of abundance. As Gottfried Muller, the wonderful saintly man who started the Salem Villages for children worldwide, says, “If I have money in the bank, I know I am doing something wrong!”

And so our journey has begun and we are all inspired and excited about the thought of it. Swimming against the tide is always challenging, but we are a small, carefully chosen dedicated team with our hearts in the right place, each on our own healing journey and grateful for the opportunity to help heal our precious planet, Earth.

Two books that I believe have made a difference and would recommend to EVERYONE to read are by Thom Hartmann “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight” and “The Prophet’s Way”.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you are too small to make a difference, if we all do our bit we can change the world and that is what we ultimately want. It’s not difficult and it’s immensely satisfying. Re-use, re-cycle, buy organic, don’t use toxic chemicals, support local and don’t waste. Live consciously viewing everything as sacred and connected. As Mother Theresa said “Don’t wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person” and remember small acts of mercy are what are what bring us close to God – Whether it is saving a worm or giving money to someone in need, every little bit helps to raise the vibration of our planet.